About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic helps the body to function at its best.

This is important for living a full and healthy life.


A chiropractors job is to find and remove subluxations.

A ”subluxation” is an area of the spine that has neuro-biomechanical dysfunction. It is often surrounded by inflamed tissue and decreased nerve function. This is usually is a cause of pain or dysfunction.

Did you know!? Only a small part of nerve fibres branching from the spinal cord are pain receptors. So you can still have a lot of dysfunction in your body without necessarily having any symptoms or pain. Which is why often clients report an improvement in other areas of their health & wellness than what they originally sought chiropractic care for. Alternatively, if you are having pain, this means the nerve function is decreased and you should have those subluxations removed.

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"Better structure means better function. Simple."


The aim of chiropractic is to get your body to function at its best.

This means releasing subluxations (neuro-biomechanical dysfunction).  These are areas in your body that are using inefficient energy, and protecting an area that has underlying dysfunction rather than having full function and mobility.

You don't need to be in pain or discomfort to have chiropractic care. A large portion of our clients benefit by maintaining their body in peak physical condition. Whether this is for sport, hobbies, pregnancy or general wellbeing. Life is better quality when your body works well! 

When your body is giving your symptoms such as sharp pains, headaches, prolonged aching in an area, etc, this is your body's alarm bell saying there is an underlying problem that needs to be corrected. And subluxations to be removed.

Generally, when your body is functioning at its best, symptoms like pains & headaches aren't there.  This is our job to help your body feel and function at its best!


Chiropractic is now the 3rd largest health profession (behind dentistry and medicine) as people are realising the importance of having a well functioning body for great health.

The great thing, it’s drug-free and natural.

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Chiropractic is an ‘alternative‘ health profession- which we are proud of. The objective is to remove spinal subluxations (areas of neuro-biomechanical dysfunction) to aid the body in functioning at its optimum. Chiropractic is primary healthcare which means no medical referral is required to see us. All our practitioners have a healthy respect for the medical profession and advise any further health concerns or non-response to care to see your GP (or specialist of applicable).